Living in Dubai and working abroad has never been that easy

But what if it is impossible to live in your dream country permanently because of work? You could still give it a go!

For such overseas professionals, Dubai has just launched a remote-working programme to allow them to live in the emirate while being employed by companies in other countries.

The promising initiative aims at encouraging specialists employed around the world to relocate to Dubai.

Under the new programme, applicants can benefit from all services available to permanent residents in Dubai, including telecom services, utilities, healthcare and schooling. On top of that, they will also enjoy tax-free income like all UAE residents. *

*The only tax that currently exists in the UAE is VAT.

The current pandemic and mandatory quarantine imposed on people in most countries this year have already changed the way we look at things, including our physical presence at the workplace. People began to think more about the quality of life, their well-being and a sound balance between work and personal life and to redefine their needs.

As a global business hub, Dubai is uniquely positioned to offer a dynamic lifestyle opportunity and pro-business ecosystem to anyone who would like to work remotely, be it just for a couple of months or for an entire year. Besides, Dubai is already enjoying the reputation of a global business & cultural centre between Asia and Europe, and one of the safest places on Earth.

This new remote working programme is not the only initiative of its kind launched lately. Last month, the UAE government unveiled the “Retire in Dubai” programme entitling applicants to obtain a five-year visa.

There are just two eligibility criteria in regard to the age and income. Expats must be over 55 years old and fulfil just one of three requirements: either to earn a monthly income of AED 20,000 (US$5,445); or to have AED 1 million in disposable savings; or to own real estate in Dubai worth at least AED 2 million.

Applicants and their spouses can apply for the five-year visa which will be automatically renewed online, provided that the above criteria will be continuously met.

The new remote working programme, on the other hand, aims to attract young people with or without families. The income threshold is also USD 5,000 per month, and one expat with such income can sponsor the whole immediate family (spouse, children under 18 years and elderly parents).

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