Company Formation in Switzerland

Switzerland is traditionally one of the steadiest and most successful market economies in the world. Having a remarkably high standard of living, the country also enjoys the image of a politically stable and thriving jurisdiction with the most favourable tax regime in Europe. “Swiss made” is much more than just a label of origin. It is a symbol of outstanding quality and reliability.

By establishing a company in Switzerland, you are building up a solid reputation for your business while benefitting from countless advantages of this prestigious financial centre. Last year, over 43,000 new companies were incorporated in this country with a population of just 8 million people. This number speaks for itself.


Main facts about company registration in Switzerland

  • 100% foreign ownership & full asset protection.
  • Lowest corporate tax rates in Europe.
  • Double taxation treaties with over 80 countries.
  • Up to 2 weeks are required to register a company in Switzerland.
  • Most popular company types among foreign entrepreneurs are the public limited company (AG or SA) and the limited liability company (GmbH or SARL/SGL).
  • Bookkeeping is mandatory for all legal forms of Swiss entities. Annual audit is only required for public limited companies and limited liability companies in the following cases: 1) if company employs more than 10 people, 2) if its total balance sheet is over CHF 20 m and its turnover surpasses CHF 40 m, both in two consecutive fiscal years.
  • At least one of the directors of any Swiss company must be a Swiss resident. In case of Swiss public limited companies (AG/SA), the majority of directors must be residents of Switzerland.

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How to register a company in Switzerland

Step 1

Free consultation – finding the right solution

Get in touch with us via your preferred channel and talk to our expert. Choose the legal form of the company, place of registration and discuss your requirements and needs.

Step 2

Signing contracts

Sign a confidentiality agreement with us to guarantee the strictest confidentiality of your information as well as a service agreement defining the scope of services to be provided.

Step 3

Submission of documents and payment

Send your documents according to the provided list and settle our invoice. We will provide you will all necessary assistance in collecting and preparing documents and information.

Step 4

Company formation and bank account opening

As soon you have submitted your documents, we’ll proceed with the company registration. Once the registration is completed (in ca. 2 weeks), an application for bank account(s) will be filed.

Step 5

Company administration and workflow management

Organise the subsequent work of the company to ensure a seamless workflow. Appoint an accountant & an auditor (if required), apply for a VAT number, submit necessary reports, etc. You could rely on us to support you in every step of the way.