International Bank Accounts

We work with the most reputable banks, financial and credit institutions in every jurisdiction. That means that you’ll have a choice of over 50 banks from all over the world. With some of these banks, you may benefit from the remote account opening from the comfort of your home or office.


Benefits of a Swiss bank account

Swiss neutrality. Switzerland is an economically advanced and thriving nation, which GDP is higher than that of the most European countries. According to the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerla...
Swiss money

Benefits of a UAE Bank Account

Global rating agencies have been continuously providing high credit ratings with a stable outlook to the top 10 UAE banks due to their resilient capital levels and large liquidity buffers. A UAE...

Step 1

Getting in touch

Arrange a free-of-charge initial consultation to determine your chances and choose most suitable and preferrable international or local banks.

Step 2

Submitting documents

Submit your information and files according to the provided list of required documents. We’ll support you with preparing and drafting these documents.

Step 3


Based on your chosen option – remote account opening or personal meeting with the bank – we’ll conduct an interview in person or via Zoom, skype or another channel to verify the applicant’s identity.

Step 4


Answer further questions asked by the bank’s compliance team in case there is a need for additional information.

Step 5

Approval & payment

We’ll notify you as soon as the account has been approved and issue an invoice according to our prior agreement. We’ll only charge fees for a successful account opening.

Ready to proceed or have questions? Do get in touch to sort everything out!