Life-time visa for UAE company owners and employees at IFZA

That means huge savings of over AED 8,000 (USD 2,178), since the cost of visa and E-Channel registration fee have been waived.

There are more details to the offer:

  • It is applicable for new company formation applications only.
  • The free visa will be renewed for free, as long as the company remains operational (with an active license).
  • The free visa cannot be transferred to another person, once it has been issued.
  • The free visa is available for any shareholder, general manager (director), employee of the company or their dependent (family member).
  • An application for a free visa can be made at any time (for an unlimited period of time), as long as the company has a valid license.

Therefore, if someone is currently unable to visit Dubai because there are still restrictions in place in their home country, visa process can be completed at a later stage.

In contrast, to register a company and open a bank account, personal presence is currently not required.

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