International Free Zone Authority

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is currently the youngest UAE free zone. It was founded in autumn 2018 reflecting the ever-present demand of the international investor community for entrepreneurial ecosystems with zero taxation, where companies can enjoy a specific infrastructure created for their business needs.

IFZA is able to satisfy the highest demands of any international business and has already filled its specific market niche. This free zone with a fully European management and owners has adopted a highly sought-after European approach to solving business tasks based on the simplicity, effectiveness, and flexibility.

Among the physical facilities offered by IFZA, there are standard offices and warehouses, but also unique retail space, hotels and residential properties that can be either rented or purchased.


  • Low-price appeal: cost-effective packages with a broad range of licenses and available activities starting from just AED 9,500 (USD 2,586)
  • No paid-in share capital and no annual audit required
  • Excellent after-sale support, ongoing contact and fast feedback from the free zone operators
  • Physical office address for companies with virtual offices (e.g. for holding companies)
  • Company names ending in LLC like the names of local companies (e.g. ABC Management LLC)
  • Remote company formation (personal presence is not required)


  • A relative remoteness from Dubai and Abu Dhabi (1 hour 20 min. and 2,5 hours respectively)

Dipton Business Solutions is an IFZA approved Consultant. If you decide to set up a company in this free zone, you could do it from the convenience of our Dubai office or even remotely – there is no need to be present in person. Remote bank account opening is also an option (video call is required instead of personal presence). We’ll find the right solution for you!

Interested in establishing your presence in IFZA or the UAE in general? Call us today or leave a message – we’ve got a wealth of information and market knowledge to make your experience stand out.